Electronic Arts, Inc Associate Environment Artist in Burnaby, British Columbia

Role: Associate Enviroment Artist (Temporary)Team: Artworks

We are EA

And we make games – how cool is that? In fact, we entertain millions of people across the globe with the most amazing and immersive interactive software in the industry. But making games is hard work. That’s why we employ the most creative, passionate people in the industry. The Challenge Ahead:

Environment Modelers build the worlds (both indoor and outdoor) in-game and are responsible for building the geometry of 3D spaces and components, especially organic and inorganic environments. This artist plays an extremely important role in making the game. It's usually their art that gets the initial WOW when a gamer first enters the game world. Some of these artists are very technical and create very lifelike photorealistic worlds, while others create amazing new fantasy worlds. Indeed, some Environment Modelers combine the two, using real-world art and tweaking it to look like a more stylized environment. World/Environment Modelers may construct physical form studies or physical models as necessary. These models may be built based on art from concept drawings and/or photographs that are efficient and to correct scale. A World/Environment Modeler must have a passion for building new and innovative worlds. Your portfolio must demonstrate the following:

• An ability to think in 3D• Drawings/sketches that display basic skills as well as any modeling and texture work related to objects, buildings, natural terrain, etc.;• Excellent sense of form, weight (mass), and volume• Good use of light and shadow;• Breadth of artistic styles;• An understanding of optimization;• Excellent sense of scale and level of finish