Electronic Arts, Inc Edmonton: Assistant Level Designer in Edmonton, Alberta

BioWare's vision is to create, deliver, and evolve the most emotionally engaging games in the world.

BioWare develops high-quality console, PC, and online role-playing games focused on rich stories, unforgettable characters, and vast worlds to discover. Since 1995, BioWare has created some of the world's most critically acclaimed titles, including Baldur's Gate™, Neverwinter Nights™, Star Wars ™: Knights of the Old Republic™, Jade Empire™, Mass Effect™, and Dragon Age™. BioWare operates in Edmonton (Alberta, Canada), Montreal (Quebec, Canada), and Austin (Texas, United States). In 2008, BioWare was acquired by Electronic Arts, a leading global interactive entertainment publisher.

Currently announced projects at BioWare include the ongoing support of the Mass Effect franchise, one of the highest rated video game series of all time, Dragon Age: Inquisition, the latest entry in the Dragon Age franchise, and Star Wars ™: The Old Republic™, a story-driven massively multiplayer online game.

What theLevel Designerwill do at BioWare:

Implements elements and components of an electronic game including setting, structure, rules, story flow, and modes of play within the constraints of time and budget under the supervision of a senior level designer. Interprets vision through a prototype version of the game using help from programmers, producers, artists and other level design team members. Creates and maintains design documentation to support full production. Provides assistance to the team of artists, animators, and programmers who build out the final product.

Required Skills:

· Post-Secondary Degree in a game development related field (Computer Science, Art, Architecture, Game Design,

· Familiarity with current role-playing and action based video games

· Working knowledge of one or more level creation tools such as Unity, Unreal, NWN, etc

· At least one mod/game experience that can be reviewed

· Applied experience creating level layouts for a video game

· Ability to communicate effectively with other designers, artists and senior management

Additional Skills:

· Scripting experience in a game setting

· Art, writing, architecture, music, human behavior studies a plus

· Passion for making games

More about our location:http://www.bioware.com/en/studios/bioware-edmonton/

Contact:Josca Remerie @JoscaRecruiter

*This is a temporary Contract position.