Walmart Pharmacy Manager- Lethbridge North, AB #1078 in Lethbridge, Alberta

The Pharmacy Manager is responsible for all day-to-day activities affecting the people, operations and merchandise in Division 10. The Pharmacy Manager must also see that the Pharmacy operates according to Wal-Mart policy, professional standards, and provincial and federal regulations. An individual must be able to successfully perform the essential functions of this position with or without a reasonable accommodation.

  • Administer, support and represent the core corporate values of Respect for the Individual, Service to our Customer and Striving for Excellence.

  • Maintain Patient confidentiality and follow all practices consistent with the Privacy Act.

  • Perform personnel duties including interviewing, scheduling using Customer Service Scheduling (CSS), evaluations, training and coaching.

  • Participate in weekly Store Management meetings.

  • Work closely with OTC Manager to increase OTC sales and ensure Wal-Mart merchandising standards are maintained.

  • Manage and control the Pharmacy P&L;, claims, shrink and inventory.

  • Generate and interpret weekly and monthly reports from the Pharmacy dispensing system.

  • Control and monitor inventory of both drugs and supplies while monitoring expiration dates of all drug products.

  • Supervise, manage, and direct workflow to ensure quality customer service in the Pharmacy.

  • Review records and reports to determine compliance with Wal-Mart operational expectations.

  • Establish and develop strong working relationships with Division 1 Management and the Professional Services District Manager.

  • Maintain a high level of Customer service and Patient care in the Pharmacy.

  • Greet and thank every Customer,

  • Locate merchandise on the sales floor

  • Advise Customers on the selection of medication brands, medical equipment and health-care supplies.

  • Offer health promotion and prevention activities, for example, training people to use devices such as blood pressure or diabetes monitors.

  • Ensure proper storage and disposal of pharmaceutical products/medications in a manner consistent with legal and professional obligations.

  • Accept prescriptions or refill requests from Customers, Doctors or Hospitals.

  • Ensure all prescriptions are filled accurately, efficiently and safely.

  • Provide information and advice regarding administration, usage, drug interactions, side effects, dosage and proper medication storage.

  • Maintain Customer medication profiles and records, including but not limited to pharmacy files, Patient profiles, charge system files, inventories, etc.

  • Operate Pharmacy computer, register equipment and other assigned tools.

  • Protect company assets. An individual must be proficient in each of the competencies listed below to successfully perform the responsibilities of this position. Customer Centered: Actively strives to provide excellent customer service. Seeks to meet Customer needs and demands. Remains calm and professional when dealing with Customers. Reviews complaints from internal/external Customers and takes action to remedy the complaint. Decisiveness: Being willing to make decisions in the absence of complete information. Remains committed to a decision amidst controversy and doubt. Demonstrates the courage of his/her convictions, even when things at first are not going well. Avoids deferring decisions upward. Dependability: Being reliable, responsible, and willing to fulfill obligations. The extent to which one can be counted on to deliver on all promises and be accountable for results, whether good or bad. Refers to the tendency to see things through to completion and behave responsibly. Energy: The internal drive to be active and get things done; to have sustained energy to accomplish work tasks. This includes the ability to work vigorously toward a goal or objective and to work wholeheartedly with constant determination. Integrity: Being honest and avoiding unethical behaviour. The degree to which one is honest in all dealings with others and avoids any hint of ethical compromise. Refers to the tendency to behave in an honest fashion and always tells the truth. Leadership: A willingness to lead, take charge, and offer opinions and direction. It refers to the degree to which one is assertive, persuasive, enthusiastic, and willing to take charge. It refers to the ability to commit to inspire others to action and to pursue team goals with vigour and urgency. Optimism: Having a predisposition to experience positive states, such as joy and happiness, and the expectation that one will experience good outcomes in life. Judgment: The degree to which one is able to analyze typical business problems and determine appropriate courses of action. It refers to “street smarts,” or what is often called “common sense,” and to the ability to differentiate between effective and ineffective solutions to common problems. Critical Thinking: It refers to the ability to analyze problems, integrate information from a variety of sources, and to think problems through critically, looking at all possibilities. Basic Reading Skills: Ability to understand the meaning of written or printed matter and to record information by inscribing characters or symbols. Verbal Communication Skills: Ability to communicate effectively to maximize accuracy in the delivery of Patient care. Job Title: Pharmacy Manager- Lethbridge North, AB #1078

Req ID: 764017BR

Canada Walmart Division: Pharmacy

Province: Alberta

Canadian Cities: Lethbridge

Store Location: 26 Avenue North & 28 Street North

Employment Type: Full Time