IBM Facilities Operations Manager - Real Estate Strategy and Operations in MARKHAM, Ontario

The RESO (Real Estate/ Site Operations) Facilities Operations Manager is responsible for overseeing the works of our Full Service Vendor and Consultants/ Contractors that provide solutions in support of Building Operations.

This role provides advice and guidance to all aspects of physical site (infrastructure) and facilities required for proper operation of RESO portfolio of leased and owned buildings. Identifying problems and solutions related to facilities support infrastructure, installation, update, configuration, operations, or performance.

SPECIFIC ACCOUNTABILITIES- Oversee site management including building maintenance, food services, site security, health and safety, environmental requirements, laws and regulations

  • Ensure timely and effective solutions to special events, site emergencies or building incidents

  • Develop financial asset planning for the buildings including long term capital investment and short term repair and maintenance expense.

  • Maintain site level executive, client, and landlord relations within each building

  • Manage and address IHS findings

  • Security and IT access management for supplier employees and buildings

  • Approvals where required (i.e. Resobase Small Jobs, utility bills, and BonD requests)

  • Collaborate with Leasing & Strategy teams on strategies for upcoming lease renewals or site actions

  • Collaborate with Large Projects team to define scope and implement complex projects

  • Collaborate and assess the deliverables of the facility management supplier to ensure time and cost effective solutions for building maintenance.

  • Evaluate day to day operations to ensure terms of fixed contract are adhered to

  • Ensure process documentation is up to date where required

  • Support business controls in audits and data requests

  • Manage the workstation reservation system


Knowledge and Experience

  • Facility Management

  • Financial Analysis and Controls

  • Strategic analysis and planning with respect to major building upgrades and alternatives, relocations and rearrangements.

  • Environmental, Health and Safety regulation awareness.

Personal Skills:

  • Technical leadership and oversight ability to lead and manage engineering consultants, construction project managers, trades and specialized service providers

  • Strong ability to influence others, to structure an idea or proposal in such a way as to engage their agreement and commitment through the discipline of fact-based analysis and presentation.

  • Demonstrated teamwork skills and capabilities.

  • In depth skills to diagnose issues and client needs, recommend and lead solution deployment.

  • Ability to recognize process shortfalls and make necessary changes to improve efficiencies by engaging stakeholders.

Job Environment & Context:

  • Reporting to the National Real Estate Operations Manager

  • Portfolio of leased buildings within the province of Ontario.

  • Located in GTA with occasional travel to remote sites.

  • As stated above

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