BMO Financial Group Senior Manager, Digitization in Ontario, Canada


The Senior Manager, Digitization will understand the overall Digitization strategy to develop and implement operational strategies, plans and related processes and technology. This role will ensure current and future customer and employee needs and business objectives are optimized through the implementation and sustainment of tactical plans and initiatives. The Senior Manager, Digitization will monitor changes in industry trends, innovations and customer behavior and identify potential impact and applicability to BMO and will provide input to the Head, Digitization to ensure business strategies are developed with BMO’s interests represented. This role will develop/enhance/maintain digitization capabilities, economics analysis, standards, monitoring, and functionality within the framework developed and will monitor standards and metrics to promote adoption and awareness of capabilities in order to continuously improve and the digitized user experiences.


A. Business Delivery & Operational Effectiveness

B. Client & Relationship Management

C. Risk Management and Control

D. Change & Innovation

E. Managerial Leadership

F. Planning


A. Business Delivery and Operational Effectiveness

  • Develop a digitization capability strategy, aligned to the broader Digitization roadmap, to optimize productivity, performance, functionality and cost effectiveness, and deliver on the market strategic.

  • Gather both internal and external information (including competitive/industry trends and best practices) to analyze and assess new opportunities, supporting the development of recommendations which align to the Digitization strategy.

  • Recommend investment / divesture / resource reallocation as required in order to deliver on the Digitization capability strategy, working with partners to understand technology and market patterns and trends, forecasting changes over the next 2 - 5 years, and developing capability strategies to meet evolving user requirements.

  • Identify opportunities to leverage/integrate across pillars and channels to improve capability effectiveness and efficiencies and optimize economic performance.

  • Define and implement tactics to maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of the Digitization roadmap and ensure it supports the changing needs of customers and employees.

  • Define robust economics, processes and metrics to inform decision-making and provide a holistic and accurate view of our performance by capability.

  • Lead analysis to identify opportunities and develop insights regarding digitized capabilities and performance to support decision-making. Includes assessing variances cross-pillar and cross-border to identify discrepancies and develop action plans.

  • Foster an open, collaborative and highly effective relationship with Technology & Operations, BP&I, Product and other key partners to ensure the timely and effective delivery of all digitized capability enhancements. Constantly strive for new and more effective ways in which to collaboratively design, develop and deploy changes.

B. Client and Relationship Management

  • Manage and maintain effective relationship with Technology and Operations (T&O), BP&I and Product groups related to technology development, maintenance and economics to ensure that requirements are resourced appropriately and issues are resolved efficiently.

  • Manage relationships across BMO Financial Group as the voice and subject matter expert for the digitization capabilities to ensure strategy and planning alignment, identification of synergistic opportunities and optimization of resources

C. Risk Management and Control

  • Keep pace with industry trends and regulations related to customer privacy and security, monitoring and reporting as appropriate. Develop recommendations and standards as necessary to ensure compliance and customer confidence from a privacy and security perspective.

  • Utilize information on the relative volumes / costs / profitability / contribution of the capabilities to analyze and monitor the investment of human and physical resources relative to ROI.

  • Continually enhance capability by rapidly identify emerging trends in the marketplace to ensure sustainability of BMO’s competitive positioning.

D. Change and Innovation

  • Participate in external forums to keep pace with industry trends, technology, innovations and customer adoption and behaviour to anticipate and pro-actively meet user needs

  • Develop and maintain understanding of the BMO’s competitive position within the industry to ensure that this is considered in strategic plans

  • Support customer and employee change and communication strategies

E. Managerial Leadership

  • Set appropriate context and establish prescribed limits for direct reports, including setting an effective framework of policies and procedures for the work in the group.

  • Establish a two-way working relationship with direct reports to solicit their views on the working environment, potential changes affecting their work, continuous improvement opportunities, and revisions to the plan.

  • Build and sustain a team of direct reports who are capable of delivering the performance required for the group, including coaching and the creation and implementation of training and development plans.

  • Establish and optimize team integration by articulating the linkages between the accountabilities and authorities of different roles across the group and by establishing the context in which they will work collaboratively with one another.

  • Apply the Bank’s performance management system to direct reports, including establishing goals and objectives, assessing skilled knowledge gaps, allocating resources to achieve objectives and close gaps, assessing personal effectiveness, and reviewing and recommending base and variable pay.

  • Ensure the effective implementation of Bank initiatives and programs through the establishment of appropriate context and setting of direction for direct reports by providing relevant information, establishing goals, and setting limits with the context and prescribed limits of the group head.

E. Planning

  • Develop, implement, review and revise a 1 - 2 year work plan including assimilating BMO’s vision, mission, values, operational and resource plans.

  • Establish goals, plans and assignments for each direct report to achieve the plan.

  • Review progress to plans, and develop, communicate, delegate and actively participate in the implementation of actions necessary to correct internal and external issues. Escalate significant issues to the Head, Digitization.

  • Determine and deploy equipment, processes and human resources, and optimize the allocation of resources within the team.

  • Develop, implement and review a plan to complete all assigned tasks in a timely manner to acceptable quality standards.


Number of Employees: 2-10 FTE



Analytical Thinking (In-depth)

Systematically breaks down problems or processes into component parts using several business analysis techniques. Analyses or plans have multiple dimensions for each component, each requiring the application of knowledge of various business and financial principles.

Business Acumen (Expert)

Sees the big picture. Anticipates the impact of trends on the organization, the organization’s delivery approach to this market, and the customers within it.

Change Leadership (In-depth)

Understand the cultural dynamics of the current state of an organization including the hidden assumptions and the difference between the stated values and the values in practice. Brings current state of culture to light without paralyzing the organization and helps create a strategic practical course between the current reality and a desired future reality to exploit best advantage to change.

Environmental Understanding (In-depth)

Anticipates the impact of trends on the organization and its customers, and understands the implications for the area of focus. Specific focus is on financial trends.

Financial Understanding (In-depth)

Anticipates the impact of trends on the organization and its customers, and understands the implications. See the big picture. Devise multiple actions to position the organizational unit for ongoing growth and profitability. Recommend goals to meet financial targets and contributes to long-term business success.

Influence (In-depth)

Structuring an idea or proposal in such a way as to engage the agreement, commitment and championship of others through the discipline of the fact base presented, the targeted benefits articulated, and the coherence and cogency of the argument / presentation.

Managerial Leadership (In-depth)

The ability to build and maintain a moderately diverse team of subordinates, who work toward the achievement of clearly defined individual goals, while maintaining a collaborative understanding and focus on the overall business purpose and direction. High need to collaborate and work with key partners, internal and external to achieve business results.

Organizational Understanding (In-depth)

Understands, describes and navigates existing work, organization and power structures, and makes recommendations with a clear sense of organizational impact.

Strategic Thinking (In-depth)

Pulls together ideas, issues and observations into a clear and useful presentation. Organizes information to make content or concepts clearer, distilling meaningful business implications. Integrates many small pieces of data into a structure that pulls them together. May develop a method of systematic approach to search for and identify future needs or problems. Clearly understands how short-term plan fits into long-term roadmap across channels, products.

Process Design (In-depth)

Experienced in applying the principles of process design. Gathers and articulates comprehensive process requirements and employs design techniques and tools to design, implement, and improve process effectiveness to optimize fulfillment of management / customer / operational requirements.

Process Co-ordination and Management (In-depth)

Skilled in planning, coordinating, tracking, and controlling different parts of a complex process.

Project Management (Working)

Skilled in planning, coordinating, tracking, and controlling different parts of a less complex project. Defines required activities and resources across all project phases.

Resource Planning (In-depth)

Forecasts and articulates resource requirements based on knowledge of resourcing and availability of resources. Develops an overall resourcing strategy and supporting plans, including resource optimization and resource-leveling plans.

Technology (Expert)

Understands and anticipates the opportunity to leverage technology to define/strengthen BMO’s digitization capabilities, including the optimal user experience, technology business requirements, and business case.

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