University of Waterloo Associate Director, Health Promotion in Canada

The purpose of this position is the provision of senior leadership and management for the key functions related to health promotion, wellness education and illness prevention. The position’s focus is on planning, developing, implementing, monitoring and evaluating policies, programs and services designed to promote health and wellness and to prevent or mitigate the risk of illness, injury and distress for students. A key strategic planning focus of this position is the development, implementation and maintenance of a campus-wide prevention plan. While the students of the University of Waterloo are the primary focus of the endeavors of this position, the wellness and health of all campus community members are necessarily ever-present as a companion concern. Supporting the health and wellness of students necessitates considering and supporting the welfare of staff and faculty.

Oversight, Leadership and Management of all Student-focused Health Promotion, Illness, Injury and Distress Prevention Programming:

  • Oversight of Health Education programming including management of Health Education and Wellness Communication staff.

  • Researching best practices, designing and implementing campus-wide health and wellness promotion campaigns, programs and activities.

  • Researching best practices, designing and implementing illness, injury and distress prevention programming and initiatives.

  • Recruitment and management of Project Leads with respect to specific health promotion, education and prevention activities (e.g., development of media products).

  • Develop and manage budget related to Health Promotion, researching project funding sources and writing grant submissions for health promotion project funding.

Strategic and Operational Planning:

  • Engages in all strategic and operational planning while cognizant and supportive of the Mission of the Campus Wellness department as well as the Universities mission, strategic plan and Vision for Campus Wellness.

  • Provide leadership and management for the health promotion strategic and operational planning cycle of needs assessment, research review, program development, implementation and evaluation.

  • In the context of a collaborative stakeholder planning process, this position will lead the development, implementation and maintenance of a campus-wide prevention plan which incorporates an emphasis on enhancements to the supportiveness of the campus environment, the advancement of health protective factors and campus strengths and reductions to personal and campus community risk factors.

  • Implements initiatives from the Mental Health Review (i.e., mental health promotion and distress prevention recommendations).

  • Implements the health promotion/prevention related initiatives from the Campus Wellness Strategic Initiatives.

Wellness Communication and Prevention Advocacy:

  • Provides the direction and management for the use of best practice social marketing strategies in the development of key and persuasive messages for Campus Wellness in the interest of health promotion.

  • Provides the direction and management for the execution of the stages of an integrated communications plan to support campus health, wellness and illness prevention efforts at the University of Waterloo.

  • Encourages and supports institutional policies that address campus health and wellness and provides strong advocacy for a prevention perspective, principals and values. The AD, HP promotes to the campus community the linkage between health promotion programming and student’s health status, well-being and personal/academic success.

  • Communicates to the campus with an educational and influential purpose, the key messages of health promotion and prevention through individual, small group and large group presentations.

Assessment and Research:

  • Ensures that valid, reliable and appropriate population-based assessments of the health status, needs and strengths of the members of the campus community are utilized in the planning for and delivery of policies and programs (e.g., The National College Health Assessment).

  • Reviews appropriate theory and research in the promotion and prevention field and ensuring that all programs and policies are grounded in sound and current theory and evidence.

  • The position oversees the development of measurable outcomes for health promotion programs and services and ensures the use of both quantitative and qualitative methods in the assessment of need and evaluating the effectiveness of programs and services.

  • Participates in Campus Wellness-related research, professional publications and/or presentations.

Internal and External Community Liaison and Collaboration:

  • Communicates and collaborates with campus, local community, provincial, national and international health promotion interdisciplinary partners.

  • Provides support to the Director, Campus Wellness in establishing a Campus Wellness Coordinating Committee (CWCC). This standing committee includes campus partners involved in promoting student health and will be a primary vehicle for the AD, HP to engage and collaborate with campus and interdisciplinary partners.

  • Ensures communication with the Faculty of Applied Health Science and the Centre for Mental Health Research in the interest of translating research knowledge into application, wherever possible on campus.

  • Provides leadership for and facilitation of collaboration among other staff and faculty with health promotion and prevention interest, knowledge and expertise (e.g., staff of Counselling and Psychological Services, the Student Success Office and faculty of Applied Health Sciences).

  • Maintains a positive and effective working relationship with partner agencies in the community particularly, public health agencies.

  • Infuses values and principals related to multicultural diversity and social justice into all communication, programs and services.

  • Provides, as a priority, ongoing liaison and collaboration with staff/faculty programs and services such as the Employee Assistance Program and Occupational Health Services.

Public Health: (e.g., regulation compliance, infection control, epidemic/pandemic response):

  • The AD, HP supports the Director, Campus Wellness and the University Medical Director in ensuring health regulation compliance, that appropriate infection control measures are in place and the planning for and best-practice responsiveness to epidemic/pandemic events.

  • Collaborating with the Director, Campus Wellness and the University Medical Director, consults with University of Waterloo senior management and informs and advises university departments and the campus community as a whole, regarding public health advisories and, as appropriate, responds to public health events.

  • Master’s degree in public health, public health nursing or a related discipline; a Doctoral degree is preferred

  • Preference will be given to candidates who are registered, certified or licensed with an appropriate College or certification organization governed by the Regulated Health Professions Act

  • Experience in a people management and leadership role in the public health, health promotion and health education contexts, including a track record of performance management with direct reports

  • 3 years or more of experience developing and implementing programs and services which focus on outcomes related to enhancement of health and wellness and/or the prevention of illness and distress in a campus or workplace context

  • Experience understanding and implementing the conclusions, inferences and recommendations of health, wellness and prevention professional literature and research

  • Experience conducting health, wellness and/or prevention-related, related research

  • Experience developing and delivering promotions and education programs

  • Experience designing and implementing persuasive communication strategies with a focus on health promotion and illness mitigation or prevention

  • Experience and skill in writing submissions for appropriate health-related grants

  • Familiarity with Social media platforms, and MS Office products

  • Strong communication, written, and influencing skills

  • Excellent interpersonal skills are essential

iCIMS Requisition ID: 2016-1173

Name: 5700 - Campus Wellness-General

Salary Range: $80,412 - $100,515